The Multifactorial Process of Radicalisation to “Jihadi” Fundamentalism

The paper analyses the main factors that trigger radicalisation to “jihadi” fundamentalism from a socio-criminological and geopolitical perspective. The concept of radicalisation and its causes in its potential progression towards terrorist violence will be examined. The conclusion of the paper will pinpoint the flaws of the current strategies of counter-radicalisation and counter-terrorism and will outline some possible preventive ways forward.

Summary: 1. The concept of radicalisation. – 2. The multiple roots of radicalisation and international terrorism. – 3. The ideological factor. – 4. The political factor– 4.1. The government of the Middle East territories. – 4.2. The escalation of international conflict: the interventionism of the United States and Europe. – 5. The social factor. – 6. The cultural factor. – 7. The economic factor. – 8. Conclusion.


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An Italian version of the paper is published in Sistema penale.