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International Criminal Law

Crimes Committed Against Migrants and Refugees in Libya

The joint report and communication to the International Criminal Court by three non-governmental organizations call for investigations on crimes against humanity

First Worldwide Trial on State Crimes in Syria

A German court convicts a former agent of the Assad regime for crimes against humanity on the basis of the principle of universal jurisdiction

The Contribution of the ICC to the Characterization of Forced Marriage as an Autonomous Crime Against Humanity: the Conviction of Dominic Ongwen

International Criminal Court, Trial Chamber IX, 4 February 2021, The Prosecutor v. Dominic Ongwen

Women as Perpetrators of War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide Before the International Courts

While the idea of “female criminal” is in general far from traditional stereotypes, the possibility that a woman perpetrates international crimes is even inconceivable, as if by nature she couldn’t commit such aberrant offenses. As a matter of fact, the said stereotype puts such women in a condition between a sensationalistic and an invisible spot, without looking and analyzing reality. The paper illustrates cases where women were indicted and tried for genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes before international criminal courts, starting from WWII, trying to assess if, how and to what extent the defendant’s gender influenced the proceedings

Rogue States ‘Sanction’ the International Criminal Court

The United States and Israel are acting as rogue States by refusing to accept the authority of the ICC