Comparación de los sistemas judiciales europeos:el informe del CEPEJ 2020

Informe de evaluación de la Comisión Europea sobre la eficiencia de la justicia en los sistemas judiciales europeos para el año 2020, basado en datos de 2018

The European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ) has recently published its Evaluation report for the year 2020 (based on 2018 data), which can be consulted here. The report aims to provide an overall picture of the functioning of the judicial systems of the Council of Europe’s member States and it consists of two parts: Part I containing “Tables, graphs and analyses” and Part II dedicated to “Country profiles”. The CEPEJ analysis highlights the differences between European States in relation to various indexes – resources invested in the justice system, number and composition of legal practitioners and respect for gender equality, Courts’ organization and role of ICT – and offers tools to measure the efficiency and quality for each of them.