Presentación del libro del Prof. Jacob Öberg "Los fundamentos normativos de la justicia penal de la UE: poderes, límites y justificaciones"

Evento organizado por el Instituto de Criminología y Justicia Penal de la Queen's University Belfast School of Law

We inform readers about the launch event of the book "The Normative Foundations for EU Criminal Justice: Powers, Limits and Justifications " by Professor Jacob Öberg, Prof. in EU Law at the University of Southern Denmark. The event is organized by the Institute of Criminology and Criminal Justice of the Queen's University Belfast School of Law.

Should the European Union regulate criminal justice? The book explores the question forensically, establishing whether a compelling normative justification for EU action in the field exists. The book seeks to develop an integrated theoretical framework based on the perspectives of the effective allocation of regulatory authority between the EU and the Member States, representation-based political theories, and harm-based theories of criminal law.

The event will take place online on Thursday 1 February 2024 at 12:30pm online (UK time)

The event is free of charge. Click here to sign up.