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The Conflict Between Criminal Policy and Criminal Law

In Spain, the reforms following the 1995 Penal Code reflect authoritarian policies informed by theories of “zero tolerance”and “enemy criminal law”. Faced with this reality it is not possible to remain indifferent or simply to point out its existence

Call for papers: New Perspectives on Jurisdiction and the Criminal Law (WG Hart Legal Workshop 2020)

Call for papers: New Perspectives on Jurisdiction and the Criminal Law

The Praxis of Justice - Liber Amicorum Ivo Aertsen

A short presentation of the book

Your Honour's Myopia

About the decision of the Audiencia Provincial de Barcelona on the "Manda de Manresa" case

Sexual assoult against a minor, unconscious due to the use of alcohol and drugs: violence or sexual abuse? The Spanish case of the 'Manada de Manresa', in the perspective of an Italian scholar

In the Spanish case of the so called "Manada de Manresa" case is questionable if one can be sentenced of a rape made without using violence or threat.

At detention facilities, legal rights 'in name only'

Whether we call them 'concentration camps' or detention centers, the lack of justice for those seeking refuge must end

Conduct constituting the offence of laundering

Remarks to the Directive (UE) 2018/1673 of the Europian Parliament and the Council, 23rd October 2018, concerning money laundering and criminal law

The Court of Justice of the European Union on the Relation Between the Repetition of Oral Evidence Due to a Change in the Bench Composition and the Orotection of Crime Victims

Court of Justice of the European Union, First Chamber, judg. 29 July 2019, case C-38/18, criminal proceedings against Massimo Gambino, Shpetim Hyka

Sanzioni disciplinari penitenziarie e legittimità convenzionale del doppio binario sanzionatorio

Sommario: 1. La natura giuridica delle sanzioni disciplinari previste dall’ordinamento penitenziario: introduzione. – 2) La presa di posizione della Suprema Corte. – 3. Ulteriori interventi della giurisprudenza di legittimità: Cass. pen., Sez. II, 16 febbraio 2018, n. 23043. – 4. Considerazioni conclusive.

Perpetual Life Imprisonment Violates the European Convention of Human Rights

Prison benefits also for those who do not cooperate