Litigating Palestine before the International Criminal Court


The University of Milan, Liverpool John Moores University, and the Journal of International Criminal Justice are pleased to invite you to the Webinar on ‘Litigating Palestine before the International Criminal Court’. 

On 20 December 2019, the ICC Prosecutor concluded the preliminary examination into the "Situation in the State of Palestine" by requesting the Pre-Trial Chamber confirmation that the territory, over which the Court may exercise its jurisdiction, comprises the occupied Palestinian territory, that is the West Bank, including East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip. This process triggered an unprecedented participation of amici curiae - States, individuals and civil society organizations - which submitted a variety of arguments to affirm or deny the territorial jurisdiction of the Court on Palestine. Nine months later, the Pre-Trial Chamber decision is still pending.

This Webinar brings together leading scholars in order to address some of the key legal questions arising from the situation Palestine before the ICC, including: the role and contents of the various amici curiae submissions; the alleged risks of an ICC investigation for the so-called “peace process”; and, crucially, the impact of the ongoing belligerent occupation on Palestine’s ability to fulfil the statehood criteria vis-à-vis the right to self-determination.


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The Webinar will be held on Friday, 9 October 2020, 3-5.30 P.M. (GMT+2), with the following programme.


3-4 — First Session

Triestino Mariniello (Liverpool John Moores University) – Opening Remarks and Chair

Hannah Woolaver (University of Cape Town) - The Role of Amici Curiae in the Article 19(3) Proceedings: Friends or Distraction?

Ardi Imseis (Queen’s University) - State of Exception: Critical Reflections on the Amici CuriaeObservations and Other Communications of States Parties to the Rome Statute in the Palestine Situation

Discussant: Antonio Coco (University of Essex)


4-5.30 — Second Session

Chantal Meloni (University of Milan) - Chair and Concluding Remarks

Robert Heinsch (Leiden University) & Giulia Pinzauti (Leiden University) - To Be (a State) or Not to Be? The Relevance of The Law of Belligerent Occupation with regards to Palestine’s Statehood

Mark Kersten (University of Toronto/Wayamo Foundation) - No Justice without Peace, but what Peace is on Offer? Palestine, Israel, and the International Criminal Court

Discussant: Valentina Azarova (University of Manchester/GLAN)


Concluding remarks


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