Un análisis comparativo del procedimiento previo al juicio en Europa: la búsqueda de un modelo ideal

Libro editado por Edward Johnston, Rahime Erbaş y Dan Jasınskı, Istanbul University Press, 2020

We would like to inform readers of the recent publication of the book “A Comparative Analysis of Pre-Trial Procedure in Europe: The Search for an Ideal Model”, edited by Edward Johnston, Rahime Erbaş and Dan Jasınskı.

This edited collection provides a comparative analysis on pre-trial procedure in criminal proceedings within various European systems (with reference to England and Wales, Croatia, Netherlands, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Republic of North Macedonia, Serbia, Spain and Turkey). For each legal system, rooted both in adversarial and inquisitorial traditions, the book examines the safeguards that exist throughout this process, the rights assured to the suspect, the role of the public prosecutor, as well as the impact of the statements made during the investigative stage and other key topics. This variety of themes is drawn together in the concluding chapter, which questions how to reach an ideal model for the creation of a better pre-trial procedure system in Europe.

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